Ziro Music Festival | Back to life after two years -

September 29th, 2022

Ziro Music Festival | Back to life after two years

Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is not only noted for its breathtaking beauty but is also regarded as one of India’s most eco-friendly music festivals notably Ziro Music Festival. Ziro Valley is an ideal location for reconnecting with nature and revitalizing the body, mind, and soul. Apart from that, it’s one of the most beautiful valleys in the country, with tiered rice fields and stunningly blue skies, surrounded by the Eastern Himalayan range in the backdrop.

The four-day event, which began in 2012, has featured musicians such as Divine, Lee Ronaldo, and Lucky Ali, among many others. The Ziro Festival of Music, one of the finest music festivals in the country, is back after a two-year hiatus. The picturesque Ziro valley will come alive with musical artists from around India and guests grooving to their sounds from September 29 to October 2.

The four-day Ziro Music festival can be considered a model for live entertainment in India. There is fantastic music from across the country, regional cultural events, delicious cuisine, and a plethora of other outdoor activities and more. You can expect folk and classical music, as well as electronica, pop, jazz, rock, rap, and blues. The event will focus on the indie artist and indie bands as well. The concert grounds have two stages: Donyi (meaning sun) for folk, classical, jazz, and singer-songwriters and Polo (meaning moon) for independent rock and pop.

The Food at the festival:

The festival ground is also a great spot to enjoy delicious food from the food stalls while enjoying music. You can find a variety of regional specialties, including ramen, pork, fish, chicken, and prawns, as well as wine, and apong (rice beer).  There will also be noodles, thukpa, momos, and many others.

Who are Apatani Tribes?

The Apatani tribe lives in Ziro Valley. Members of the Apatani tribe host the festival, and they are friendly and welcoming to visitors. There are numerous Apatani villages close to the festival grounds. The tribe is well-known for its lively celebrations and expert bamboo crafting. They are the ones behind the making-of-the-bamboo stage for the Ziro Music Festival.

What else to do in Ziro?

Visit the renowned Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary to take in the Ziro Valley’s astounding biodiversity. There are several hiking and biking paths in the area owing to the mountainous terrain. One of Ziro’s most well-known vantage points, Dolo Mando, provides expansive views of both the old Ziro hamlet and Hapoli town.  Ziro Puto and Kile Pakho Ridge are two more fantastic vantage locations worth trekking to for views of the Ziro Plateau and the snow-capped Himalayas.  You can also visit the Himalayan Heritage Park while you’re in Ziro. You can even travel to the western part of Arunachal and ascend to Tawang, which contains the second-largest Buddhist monastery in the world.

How to travel?

Although there are many ways one can travel to Ziro but the most preferred way is to fly to Guwahati Airport and then travel to Ziro via its various transport options available.

Bonus tip:

Do not forget to carry warm clothes as the Ziro might get cold around this time of the year. You are all set to make some fantastic memories to cheer for. Plan your trip to the Ziro music festival and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

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