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December 11th, 2022

Gori Chen Peak | Sunrise in the Himalayas

Gori Chen Peak

Gori Chen Peak – The highest peak in Arunachal Pradesh, at 6858 metres, is located in Tawang District, 164 kilometres from Tawang metropolis, near the Chinese border. Hikers can get a beautiful view of Gorichen Peak by trekking to Chokersam (14,700 ft) base camp. The Gorichen Peak is a rocky and icy summit renowned to put even the best mountaineers to the test. Despite being a perilous trek, it is one of Tawang’s main attractions.

While most visitors to Arunachal Pradesh can glimpse the peak on their way from Bomdila to Tawang, for experienced hikers, a vacation to Arunachal Pradesh would be incomplete without some tough trekking and rock climbing on the way to the summit. Along with the breathtaking mountain and its surroundings, the Monpa tribe, which lives in the communities along the trekking path, is evident. This tribe regards the Gorichen peak as a sacred mountain that protects the inhabitants from all danger. As a result, the mountain is known locally as Sa-Nga Phu, which translates to “Deity Kingdom.”

Indian nationals visiting Arunachal Pradesh must obtain an Inner Line Permit. Foreign nationals, on the other hand, must get a Protected Area Permit.  After gaining clearance, you can travel directly to Bomdila and drive to the community because it has a motorable road. Dirang, which is 43 kilometres from Bomdila, may require as little as one and a half hours of waiting time. This picturesque tiny village has only a few residents and is located at a height of 4900 feet on the banks of the Kameng River.

Gori Chen Peak

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Gori Chen Peak – Many hikers choose this hamlet as their starting point not only because it is convenient, but also because it offers the possibility of camp beside the river. The road, however, leads to the Dzong and follows the Dirang River. Beyond this point, the hiking track begins. To begin your ascent, cross the Dirang River on a shaky footbridge. It’s a difficult climb that will put your trekking skills to the test. After a period of continuous ascent, you can reach the top of the hill at a height of 7380 feet.

From the summit, you can get a beautiful view of Namshu village. It takes around 30 minutes to descend the slope from the summit to the monastery outside Namshu village via a route. It is a lovely community with two monasteries and plenty of farmland.

On the route, you’ll pass the other monastery. The hiking trail begins just beyond the monastery. From there, it’s a challenging hike through the trees and flora, followed by an even harder trek to the hill’s summit. In contrast to the steep climb, the trail from there is twisting and wide. This is the road that leads to Chander via multiple hairpin twists. Beyond one of these curves, you’ll glimpse the stunning Gorichen Peak soaring into the sky. As you continued up the meandering trail and entered Chander, the view of the Gorichen became even more clear and more breathtaking. It is a beautiful camping spot too.

More About Gori Chen

From Chander to Thungri, the ascent is around 12 kilometres long. As the road winds through yak farms and forested regions, the Gorichen and other snow-covered mountains may be viewed with exceptional clarity. You can camp overnight at Thungri, which is 3200 metres above sea level. Thungri and Changla are approximately 13 kilometres apart. The trail ascends steeply and winds through coniferous forests. Rock climbing and trekking are mixed in this section. Beautiful views of the Sela range can be had from several points along this road. There is a 14-kilometre steady ascent from Changla to Potok. You can, then, go from Lahap to Mago. The trek takes about 4-5 hours on a track that is roughly 12 kilometres long. Mago is a charming village, for sightseeing.

Finally, you can visit Chokersam from Mago, with an altitude range of 12100 feet to 14700 feet, resulting in a steady ascent mixed with abruptly strong rises. The Gorichen Peak vista will make you forget about the tough and strenuous journey as you soak yourself in the gorgeous Gorichen and the ambience.

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