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September 13th, 2022

Kaziranga National Park | The must-visit gem of Northeast India

one-horn rhinos in Kaziranga National Park

Assam is nurtured with abundant beauty that offers a rendezvous experience to each explorer. An obvious hotspot for tourists to uncover this Northeastern state, is Kaziranga National Park, located in Golaghat and Naogaon district. It is a must-visit destination to enjoy a jungle safari and explore the rare biodiversity.

It is not just a beautiful spot for tourists but also a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 1985. It was also declared a Tiger Reserve in 2006.

So, step into this popular nature’s delight at Kaziranga National Park, and let the safari begin!

Why you should visit Kaziranga National Park?

It is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for green vegetation, wide-ranging faunas, and serene surrounding. With numerous species residing in the park, the most popular is the endangered one-horned Rhinoceros.
The park is home to more than 2000 of them, and you can spot this rare species of Rhino, considered a treasure of the park.

one horn rhino at Kaziranga National Park.
One- horned rhino at Kaziranga National Park. (credit : pixabay)

The park abounds with awe-inspiring grassland, deciduous forest, alluvial savannah woodland, and tropical semi-evergreen forest. Additionally, the park is also home to some of the most unique species of animals, such as wild elephants, Asiatic wild water buffalo, hog deer, swamp deer, and elk-like sambars to name a few. 

It is also an important area for avian species like white-fronted goose, ferruginous duck, Baer’s pochard duck, black-necked stork, and Asian Openbill stork among others.

What to experience in Kaziranga National Park?

Jeep safari

Kaziranga National Park includes four zones where you can go on a jeep safari to see one-horned rhinoceros as well as other rare species and breathtaking scenery. You can enjoy the trip in 4 different zones: Mihimukh in the Central Range at Kohora, Bagori in the Western Range at Bagori, Agaratoli in the Eastern Range at Agaratoli, and Ghorakati in the Burapahar Range at Ghorakati.

Experience jeep safari to sight various birds and animals.
Experience jeep safari to sight various birds and animals. (credit : pixabay)

Bird watching

The Brahmaputra River borders Kaziranga on one side, making it a prime location to spot the various bird species in the park. As a result, visitors can enjoy bird-watching activities here. Because there are so many water lagoons in this area, the eastern part of the Park is the best site to see birds. You can catch the glimpse of  several unusual avian species in Kaziranga National Park

Spot different species of birds in the Park,
Spot different species of birds in the Park, (credit : pixabay)

Elephant ride

Elephant Safari is another option for thrilling safaris, in addition to the exhilarating Jeep Safari. Elephant Safari gives you stunning views of the jungle and wildlife up close and is just as exciting and daring. The steady moves of the elephant as it walks along the cushiony grass while you take your time to explore the Park is an amazing experience in itself.

Elephant safari at Kaziranga National Park
Elephant safari at Kaziranga National Park (credit : wikimedia commons)

Orchid garden

If you want to appreciate the beauty of nature, you must visit the lovely Orchid Park, which is close to the center range. The park is home to 500 different varieties of orchids, whose views will take your breath away. Unique to its sort, this Park also homes different types of plants and numerous native fish species.

orchid of Kaziranga National Park
orchid of Kaziranga National Park. (credit : wikimedia commons)

How to reach?

By air

The nearest airport to the Park is Jorhat Airport, located at a distance of  97 km from the Park.  You can then, hire a cab or taxi to visit the Park directly or you can go to the Bus stand to reach Kaziranga National Park.

By rail

The nearest railway station to Kaziranga Park is Furkating which is located at a distance of 75 km from the Park. From the stations, you can take any vehicle such as a cab, taxi, or bus to reach the Park.

By road

One can approach Kaziranga National Park from NH (national highway) 37. Kohara is the nearest bus stop to reach Kaziranga. Buses from Guwahati, Tezpur, Dimapur, and Upper Assam pass through Kohara. You can also choose a cab or taxi instead of a bus.

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