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September 9th, 2022

Majuli | A guide to the magical island in Assam

THE breathtaking river island of Majuli

Amidst the wholesome beauty of Assam where the mighty Brahmaputra flows, a large island, name Majuli, nestles. An island so huge that it holds the record of the ‘largest riverine island in the world,’ with an area of 1500 sq km. Unfortunately, Majuli is shrinking due to soil erosion. Thus, the island, which is also a district of Assam, now has an area of about 500 sq km.

If you’re already surprised at the vastness of the island, there’s more to Majuli! From the rural setting to the tranquil nature, lush greenery, vivid flora, and diversified fauna along with the old-as-time Satras; the island is an earthly paradise. The rustic island is the home to ethnic groups like Missing, Deori, Sonowal, Koch, and Ahom among others.

If you have ever wanted to escape city life and step into the countryside and experience the true essence of it, then Majuli is the exact gateway for you!

Why Majuli must be on your Bucketlist?

1) Experience peace during your stay in the bamboo cottage. Make your time memorable, on the island by living like the native who lives a simple life. You can choose to stay at a bamboo cottage to indulge yourself in the culture of Majuli and experience relaxed village life.

A bamboo cottage in Majuli for Tourists
A bamboo cottage in Majuli for Tourists. (credit : wikimedia commons)

2) You can dive in-depth into the Assamese culture of Sankarite neo-Vaishnavism in the religious hermitage called Satras. Satra’s were established by Mahapurush Sri, Sankardeva in the 16th Century. Watch the traditional Bhaona (a type of traditional performing art in Assam) and listen to the hymns in the Satra’s and let it will renew your soul.

The interior of a Satra in Majuli.
The interior of a Satra in Majuli. (credit : wikimedia commons)

3) If you have heard about birdwatching and wanted to do that ever since, then, this island is the right place where you can witness various birds and give your eyes an exclusive treat. The placid water of the lake and other water bodies, in Majuli, houses numerous species of birds and is one of the popular destinations for birdwatchers.

The island is a popular destination for birdwatchers.
Birds in the Majuli island; a popular destination for birdwatchers. (credit : wikimedia commons)

4) The river coast holds a serene view of the freshwater from the Brahmaputra for the traveler. While your visit to the coast does not forget to watch the breathtaking views of the sunset.

People ride through the river Brahmaputra during sunset.
People ride through the river Brahmaputra during sunset. (credit : wikimedia commons)

5) As you explore Majuli, do not miss to visit the handloom weavers of Assam who weaves traditional Gamusa and Mekhela Chador. You can get insight into the process of hand-woven beautiful fabrics.

Handlooms in Majuli.
Handlooms in Majuli. (credit : wikimedia commons)

For the Bonus:

You can also enjoy a boat ride or even do a little fishing on the river. Explore the island with a bicycle ride (which is available for tourists). One can also try the local beer (Apong).

With so much packed into one island, Majuli is indeed a place to embark on a venture upon. It is fostered by an abundance of pristine natural beauty that satisfies travelers in every way. The intriguing ecosystem resembles a dreamy place just waiting to be discovered.

What is the best Time to Visit Majuli?

The best time to visit Majuli Island is generally between September to March.

During the month of November to December, the world-famous festivals Raas Leela of Shri Krishna and Paal-Naam are celebrated in the Majuli Island.

How to reach Majuli?

By air: The nearest airport to Majuli is the Jorhat Airport – Rowriah Airport. Board a flight from Guwahati to Jorhat Airport. Then, take a bus or hire a taxi to Neemati Ghat. From Neemati Ghat you can avail yourself of a ferry ride to reach Majuli.

By rail: Tourists have to take trains from Guwahati to Jorhat which is the closest rail station to Majuli. From Jorhat, one can take buses and cabs to Neemati Ghat, where they can board ferries that will take them to Majuli.

By road: You have to reach Jorhat to travel by road. Take a bus ride from ISBT Guwahati to Jorhat. Alternatively, you can also hire a private taxi to Jorhat. Then, travel further to Neemati Ghat and board a ferry from there to reach Majuli.

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