May 30th, 2023


Meghalaya, a state in northeastern India, is renowned for its magnificent scenery, copious amounts of rainfall, and rich culture. Translation of the word Meghalaya” is “abode of clouds,

which sums up this region’s ethereal beauty and charm. As diverse and alluring as its natural beauty, Meghalaya’s culture is a fascinating fusion of tribal customs, music, dance, and festivals. In this blog, we dig into Meghalaya’s cultural tapestry and explore the distinctive features that make it genuinely alluring.

Tribal Traditions and Heritage:

Meghalaya is home to the Khasis, Garos, and Jaintias, three major tribes, each having its own distinctive customs, language, and social practices. The tribes’ manner of existence is a reflection of their strong bond with nature. The youngest daughter receives property and carries the family name in the matrilineal culture of the Khasis, for example. The Garos are renowned for their mastery of delicate weaving and wood carving, which results in exquisitely beautiful traditional clothing and handicrafts. While the Jaintias are renowned for their vibrant festivals and expertise in terrace cultivation.

Music and Dance:

Music and dance are important components of Meghalayan culture, frequently demonstrating the pleasure, spirituality, and harmony with the natural world that define this region. A melodic symphony is produced using indigenous instruments like the Ksing (a huge bamboo flute), Tangmuri ,a traditional wind instrument made from a buffalo horndrums, and stringed instruments. The wonderful dance styles, which include beautiful movements and colorful costumes, include the Wangala dance of the Garos, the Ka Shad Mastieh dance of the Khasis, and the Laho dance of the Jaintias.

Festivals and Celebrations:

Meghalaya is renowned for its vibrant and jubilant festivals, which represent the cultural history of its tribes. The Nongkrem Dance Festival, which is held by the Khasi tribe, is the most well-known event. It is a celebration of gratitude to the goddess Ka Blei Synshar in recognition of a good crop. The Garos celebrate the Wangala Festival, a time of pleasure and merriment with traditional music, dancing, and native sports. A large procession, traditional music, and an exciting game of football played with a wooden ball are all part of the Jaintias’ Behdeinkhlam Festival.


Meghalayan food is a delectable blend of flavors and ingredients that reflects the area’s affluence in agriculture and tribal customs. Along with a variety of regional herbs and spices, rice is the main cuisine. Popular meals with distinct flavors that tantalize the palate include Tungrymbai (fermented soybean), Jadoh (a rice and pork dish), and Nakham Bitchi. Meghalaya is known for its love of tea, and enjoying a cup while taking in the beautiful scenery is a cherished experience.

Living root bridges and eco-tourism:

Meghalaya’s live root bridges are one of the state’s most intriguing cultural features. These unusual bridges are created by carefully shaping the rubber fig tree roots over many years to produce strong, useful bridges. In addition to being technical marvels, living root bridges illustrate the symbiotic interaction between people and environment that is strongly rooted in the state’s culture. These natural wonders, along with Meghalaya’s lush forests, waterfalls, and caves, make it a haven for eco-tourism and nature enthusiasts.

Meghalaya’s culture is a remarkable treasure trove of time-tested customs, ceremonies, and festivals. Visitors are fascinated by the wonderful environment that is created by the warm hospitality of the locals, the breathtaking natural beauty, and the lively festivals. Discovering Meghalaya’s rich cultural diversity reveals a world of mouthwatering food, enchanting music and dance, enduring customs, and a close relationship with nature. 

Get lost in Meghalaya’s enchantment and set off on a cultural adventure that will leave you with lifelong memories.

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