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October 9th, 2022

Top 10 Offbeat places to visit in Meghalaya | Voyage to the offbeat Meghalaya

Offbeat places to visit in Meghalaya Also known as the ‘Abode of the cloud’ Meghalaya is the home to the clearest lake and wettest place on earth. The Northeast Indian state is the crown of an unexplored region. The true essence of Meghalaya lies in the off-beaten path.  This state is known for its splendid views and breathtaking destination. Taking the offbeat path will let you discover the awe-inspiring beauty of the state. The abode of the cloud will leave you spellbound as you start to unravel it.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Offbeat places to visit in Meghalaya:

So plan your next voyage to the offbeat Meghalaya and make it one of the most memorable experiences of life.


A must-visit the hamlet of Meghalaya, Mawphlang is located 25 km from Shillong. The name Mawphlang means moss-covered stone. It is popular for its biggest sacred forest in the state. The 800-year-old grove has some fascinating legends. Mawphlang is surrounded by beautiful hills, lush greenery, and deep valleys.


 Mawlyngbna is a village in Meghalaya famous for its endangered pitcher plants. There are multiple hiking trails that lead to the tranquil waterfall, serene views, and beautiful landscape. One can visit the fossil park and the Um-Kha-koi reservoir. The place also offers adventurous activities such as cliff jumping, zip lining, and kayaking.


Also popular as the wettest place on earth, the village of Mawsynram is tucked with the scenic beauty of nature. Located 61 km south of Shillong the alluring charm of the place is hard to resist. It is 1400 m above sea level and receives the highest rainfall in India. Explore the marvelous mountain streams, fruit orchards, and famous living root bridge.

Offbeat places to visit in Meghalaya


Tura is a beautiful district of Garo hills in Meghalaya which is an unexplored region in itself. Enter the uncharted territory of the Siju caves – one of the longest caves in Meghalaya. One can also visit major attractions like Tura Peak, Nokrek National Park, and Pelga Falls to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.


Surrounded by plateau on three sides Jowai can make you forget your daily stress with the hypnotic magical scene. Take an expedition on the road and embrace the wanderlust. Get immersed in the tranquil emerald water of Krang Suri waterfall. Thadlaskein Lake and Lalong Park near Jowai are must-visit.

Offbeat places to visit in Meghalaya


Offbeat places to visit in Meghalaya – One of the least-mentioned attractions of Meghalaya, Tyrshi Fall is absolutely enchanting. It is a majestic waterfall that looks heavenly. Trek down to the bottom of the falls and watch the waterfall into the rustic paddy field. View the gushing waterfalls from the winding bridge that offers a panoramic view of the scene.

Offbeat places to visit in Meghalaya


Nongstoin is situated in West Khasi hills, a popular destination for tourists. Nongkhnum Island, Kyllang Rock, Jakrem, Ranikor, and Pamphyrnai lake are prime attractions that can make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Enjoy the spectacular view of nature in this lovely spot.

Offbeat places to visit in Meghalaya


Watch the scenic view of the horizon changing its color as the sun rises atop Nongjrong. The magnificent scenery of the vista will completely enthrall you. Located in East Khasi hills, the village is 52 km from Shillong. Experience nature’s delight in the irresistible beauty of the village.

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