Meghalaya, also known as the Abode of clouds, is a North Eastern State of India. Famous for Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram, the wettest places in the world, Meghalaya has wooed many travelers with is mesmerizing beauty. Blessed with verdant vegetation, Meghalaya houses more than 325 varieties of orchid.

Sprawled along the Brahmaputra River, Meghalaya is known for being one of most beautiful states in India. Endowed with mind boggling natural beauty there are still many places in Meghalaya which is yet to be traversed by men. Meghalaya is one of the places in the world where travelers can take a walk on the living-root bridges. These bridges are made with the roots of ancient rubber tree which are planted by the Khasi tribe, who are the native people of North East India. Some of these living-root bridges are said to be more than 500 years old which is another fascinating fact in itself. This part natural and part man-made bridges are one of the few things which make Meghalaya a must visit place in India.

Renowned for its majestic waterfall, untarnished environment and luxurious flora and fauna, Meghalaya has become a safe haven for Nature lovers, and travelers who enjoy taking the less traveled road. Meghalaya is one of the few places left in the world where concrete jungle is yet to take over and this is all due to hard effort of the indigenous people who wants to preserve this sanctuary from modern influence.

In Meghalaya, travelers will not find sky scrapping building or well paved road, instead they will find hundred years old living root bridges and wide variety of wild orchids. Far from the hard and fast city life Meghalaya is truly an abode of clouds which lets the travelers connect with Mother Nature at its best.

There is no best time to visit Meghalaya because this alluring land has always something to showcase whether it be the month of March when the valley of Meghalaya is bursting with the vibrant coloring of orchids or the month of June when the rainfall brings out the full glory of waterfall.

Places in and around Meghalaya