Misty Mizoram, also known as the land of the 'Blue Mountain' or the "Hill People's Land' is virtually under the cover of magnificent mountains and deep gorges. There are over 21 major hill ranges or peaks at variable heights, sprawling across the State with 'Phawngpui' (Blue Mountain) at a height of 2,065 metres above the sea level, being the highest peak of the State. In fact, 'Mizo', is a combination of the words 'Mi' or man and 'Zo' or hell or high altitude, meaning the land of the highlander, a collective name given to the inhabitants of this land, by its neighbours. Mizoram is also the land of rivers and lakes. The numerous rampaging rivers flowing through the hills, seem to pose a challenge to the adventurers. The early history of the State is shrouded in myths and legends. According to oral traditions, Mizos are believed to be migrants from China, who came here in search of new pastures. The beauty of the land lured them to settle here around three hundred years ago. The region was first governed by Assam and came under the British rule by 1891, as the Lushai Hills District. During this time Christian Missionaries worked towards westernization of the Mizo society in general.

Mizoram was carved out of the State of Assam, as it became a Union Territory in 1972 and was made the 23rd State of the Indian Union in February 1987.

This predominantly Christian populated State is inhabited by fun-loving, hospitable and sociable people. It is in fact regarded as the 'Most Peaceful State of India'. The Mizo society is practically free from divisions on the basis of caste, creed and sex. The Mizo code of ethics is based on 'Tlawmngaihna', which means "be kind, unselfish, and hospitable to others". It is also the second highest literate State of India and is witnessing multidimensional development. Mizos, are known for their numerous folk and community dances and are perhaps the finest choir singers in the North East. The dances provide a glimpse of the tribal heritage of the State. The nimble fingered craftsmen create articles in bamboo, cane and also create exquisite handloom articles like, shawls, textiles, bags etc.

The beautiful remote State is endowed with immense natural beauty and has a rich wealth of flora and fauna. There are may kinds of orchids, wild flowers and over a thousand varieties of medicinal herbs, growing in the wild. About 300 varieties of colourful butterflies and different kinds of birds inhabit the region. The Mizo's love for flowers is quite natural and every home is proud of their orchids, geraniums, begonias, balsams etc. A visit to Mizoram, a splendid panorama of pristine beauty, peace and progress provides one of the most fascinating experiences.

Places in and around Mizoram