Nagaland, the heavenly land tucked away in the corner of India's North-East is predominantly inhabited by the brave warrior Naga tribes belonging to Indo-Mongoloid stock. There are about 32 such tribes, 16 major and numerous sub-tribes. The main tribes include, the Angamis, the Semas, Konyaks, Aos and the Rengmas, each of them having their own distinct culture, lifestyle and effective system of self-governance since time immemorial. During the 19th century, the region came under the British administration. After Independence it was made a centrally administered area in 1957, administered by the Governor of Assam and was named as the Naga Hills Tuensang Area. In 1961, it was renamed as Nagaland and became a State of the Indian Union, which was formally inaugurated on 1st December 1963.

The beautiful land is endowed with blue-hued hills and mountains, verdant valleys and deep gorges, meandering rivers and streams, brilliantly coloured birds and wild flowers. This colourful land is perfectly complimented by its equally vibrant and proud inhabitants, known for their warmth and hospitality. It is only here that one comes across people whose arms are as colourful and varied as their dresses. Nowhere else can one see multicoloured spears, ceremonial daos, bracelets, chest plates and headgears of coloured bamboo. The intriguing world of the Nagas is soaked in ancient rituals and ceremonies and their passion for music, dance and pageantry is legendary. They are also known for their loyalty and bravery and were recruited by the British to serve in France even during the World War - 1. The Nagas also have a rich tradition of arts and crafts. Skilled tribal craftsman and artisans have always played an important role in their society, as they are responsible for providing distinct identities to their respective tribes.

Nagaland is blessed with immense natural beauty and enjoys a bracing climate throughout the year. The lush jungles are home to a rich variety of animal life, which includes tiger, leopard, elephant, sambar, wild buffalo and bear etc. Among the avifauna, the main attraction is the tragopan pheasant. The State is also ideally suited for various adventure sports and is indeed a perfect destination for a peaceful holiday in the lap of Mother Nature.

Places in and around Nagaland