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dzukou valley

Nature is said to be a powerful healer and might serve as a reminder to take it easy.  Want to take a break from the busyness of the city and venture into an off-beaten track then, Dzukou Valley is the right place for you!  A place quite aloof that is yet to be explored by many. It is a perfect place to escape into the magic of nature and soothe the soul.

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Yuksom village in West Sikkim

A visit to Yuksom would undoubtedly help you learn more about Sikkim’s past. The following locations in Yuksom can help you explore Sikkim’s adventurous and cultural side:

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one-horn rhinos in Kaziranga National Park

An obvious hotspot for tourists to uncover this Northeastern state is Kaziranga National Park, located in Golaghat and Naogaon district. Must visit destination for jungle safari , one-horned rhino

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THE breathtaking river island of Majuli

From the rural setting to the tranquil nature, lush greenery, vivid flora and diversified fauna along with the old-as-time Satras; Majuli is an earthly paradise.

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Serene peacock island at Guwahati

The peacock island is a riverine islet in Guwahati where the Shiv Temple – Umananda nestles.

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A headhunter of Nagaland with traditional jewellery

Konyaks are the ferocious headhunting tribes of Nagaland. They were considered brave warrior who brought home the enemy’s head.

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