Mawlyannong Village

Mawlyannong Village

Mawlyannong Village deemed as the cleanest village in Asia is another famous place to visit in Meghalaya. Situated in the East Khasi Hill, Mawlyannong Village is a treasure house of natural beauty. This quaint village with the awe-inspiring charm has become a safe haven for nature lovers traveling in the North East India.

Also renowned as a God’s Own Garden, Mawlyannong Village was awarded its title of the Cleanest Village in Asia in 2003 by Discover India. Not only is this village the cleanest village in India, it also has 100 percent literacy rate. Inhibited by the Kashi tribe, Mawlyannong Village does not follow the norms of our society since the people of Mawlyannong Village strongly belief in women empowerment. Here in Mawlyannong Village travelers will see that children will inherent their mother’s maiden name unlike in other part where children are given the surname of their father. This is not the only unique thing, in Mawlyannong Village the family inheritance is passed down from the mother to the youngest daughter of the family, the tribe of Mawlyannong Village really takes women empowerment to next level.

Apart from unique tradition there are also many fascinating and amazing places to explore in Mawlyannong Village. Hidden amidst the evergreen forest of Mawlyannong Village is one of a kind living root bridge, not to be confused with the double decker Living Root Tree of Cherrapunjee. Dangling over a clear river water, the Living Root Bridge of Mawlyannong Village was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is truly a spectacular example of nature and man working together.

Another famous place to visit in Mawlyannong Village is its Sky View. With an 85ft tall viewing tower made out of bamboo, Sky View of Mawlyannong Village offers a tranquil view of Indo-Bangladesh border. The peaceful ambiance and the unhindered view of surrounding valley seen from Sky View has made it a vantage viewing point of Mawlyannong Village.

Deep within the dense jungle of Mawlyannong Village is another wonderful destination, a gushing waterfall. The Mawlyannong Waterfall with its alluring charm makes the travelers forget about the worldly pleasures.

Explore the untraversed land of East Khasi Hill of Meghalaya while learning more about the unique norms of Khasi tribe and tasting the mouth-watering local cuisine by visiting this quintessential Mawlyannong Village.

Showered with abundant natural beauty, Mawlyannong Village has a pleasant weather throughout the year but monsoon season is considered to be the best time to visit Mawlyannong Village.

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