Champhai is believed to be the entry point and settlement of the first Mizo migrants to India, Champhai has a rich heritage background, scattered in small hamlets and villages are monuments and monoliths that depict success in war, hunting, personal grieves and achievements. Also preserved are landmarks wherein legends and folk lore's were spun. Its beautiful landscape, the mingling overawe of history and legend and images of modern day development that subtlety blend together makes Champhai an ideal tourist destination both for the adventurous and the holiday maker opting for relaxation and recreation.

At the base of the town, towards the Myanmar border is Champhai valley. Surrounded on all sides by undulating hills, is a wide expense of rice field, popularly known as the rice bowl of Mizoram, which viewed from Champhai is a spectacular scene, one of the most awe-inspiring views of Mizoram.

Well tended vineyards, passion fruit and the recently introduced 'Kiwi' fruit plantations in the surrounding hill slopes that provide a kaleidoscope of colour are captivating scenes worth visiting.

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