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September 24th, 2022

Maa Kamakhya Devalaya | The Temple of the Bleeding Goddess

kamakhya temple of guwahati

Located atop Nilachal Hill in Guwahati, Maa Kamakhya Devalaya is a temple dedicated to the worship of Kamakhya, the Goddess of Desire, and its huge celebration of her female power and fertility. It is one of the Shakti Peethas of the country. Famous for its architecture it is one of the oldest temples in India. The temple also has artistic sculptures with several artworks. It is a must-visit place with history, culture, and spirituality merged together. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Hills which also offers a panoramic view of the city while you are at the top.

The temple of Maa Kamakhya has no idol. The yoni or the vulva of Goddess Sati is worshiped which is situated in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. It is believed that the water of Brahmaputra turns red when the goddess mensurate. Hence, the temple is often referred to as the ‘temple of the bleeding Goddess’.

The statues of Hindu Deities at maa Kamakhya devalaya, Guwahati
The statues of Hindu Deities at Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati. credit : wikimedia commons

History of Kamakhya temple:

There are numerous legends related to the Hindu temple on the Nilachal
Hill in Guwahati, Assam. The Century-old temple is believed to have been formed
after a part of Devi Sati’s body fell onto the hill.

The story goes that King Daksha never approved of, his daughter – Sati’s – husband, Shiva. One Day, Sati went to a yagna performed by her father even though she and Shiva were not welcome. Daksha insulted both of them, unable to bear and in her anger, Sati jumped into the fire. When Shiva came to know, in anger he started dancing ‘Tandav’ holding his wife’s corpse. To save the universe from the dance of destruction, Lord Vishnu, then, cut Sati’s corpse with his Chakra which fells into different parts on the ground. The body parts that fell on Nilachal hill, were her genitals and the womb.

Years later, to lift a curse, Kamdev, the God of Love, went in pursuit of this peeth. With Devi’s blessing, he eventually overcame his curse. Later it came to be known as Kamakhya.

Ambubachi Mela:

The annual celebration of Ambubachi Mela in the temple and across the region is
significant. During the Mela, in June, the Maa Kamakhya Devalaya is shut for three days as it is believed that the goddess goes through the menstruating period. On the fourth day, the temple is reopened after the goddess is bathed, so devotees can seek her blessings.

How to reach Kamakhya?

The nearest airport is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport at Borzhar, Guwahati. It is also good to take the train to Kamakhya railway station or Guwahati station. Travel in a cab or taxi to Kamakhya stoppage from the airport or Railway station. You can further take a taxi or bus ride to the temple. Guwahati also has a direct bus service to the temple from most parts of Guwahati. One can truly enjoy a blissful ride up the hill and watch the magical beauty of the place.

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