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January 31st, 2023

Mayong : Black Magic Hub Of Assam

Mayong, a small village in Assam’s Morigaon district, is famed for its surrounding serenity and mystery. It is located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. Because of its rich history and reputation as the “Land of Black Magic,” this otherwise tranquil village has drawn a large number of tourists throughout the years.

There are numerous myths and sources that support the origin of the term Mayong, however, there is no clear evidence that any of them are true. Some attribute it to the Sanskrit term Maya, which means “illusion,” while others attribute it to the Dimasa word Miyong, which means “elephant.”

According to some residents, the Moirang clan from Manipur used to live in this area. As a result, the word Moirang became Mayhong, and ultimately Mayong. Mayong, like Pragjyotishpura (ancient Assam), is mentioned in the Mahabharata mythological saga. According to mythology, after learning different magical talents from Mayong, Chief Ghatotkacha took part in the Mahabharata fight. According to village residents, many ancient saints and witches who practiced dark magic are still hidden out in the area’s forests. There are several strange stories surrounding the location, including tales of individuals vanishing into thin air, men being converted into animals, wild animals being magically tamed, and so on.

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Despite the lack of actual evidence, locals and elderly inhabitants claim to have witnessed these events in Mayong and hence consider the allegations to be true. One such example is the story of Muhammad Shah and his army. There are reports that black magic and witchcraft caused Muhammad Shah’s 100,000 horsemen to vanish during a skirmish in the 1330s at Mayong, leaving no trace. Mayong has long been India’s epicenter of witchcraft and wizardry.

As a result, several rites were carried out here, with Narbali, or human sacrifice, taking center stage. Humans were sacrificed to obtain access to various forms of black magic. Swords that were formerly used to slay people were uncovered during recent excavations in Mayong. The vast majority of Mayong residents are conversant with and employ black magic. When you visit here, the natives will offer you a palm reading. Some locals claim to be fortune tellers who can predict someone’s fate with shattered glass and seashells.

Mayong is also home to a large number of physicians, known as Bez or Ojaa. They treat ailments with black magic rather than conventional drugs, and they are most likely assisted by ghosts.

According to the locals, these doctors use copper plates to relieve pain. They apply the plate to the wound, chant a few mantras, and then wait for the plate to heal it. If a person was in extreme pain, the plate would grow overheated and tumble to the ground. According to residents, black magic has been used to heal several chronic conditions in Mayong. The witch doctors also use magic to find missing objects. According to the locals, if someone misplaces something, they go to the doctor, who lays a flower in a metal bowl and begins reciting mantras. The bowl begins to move on the ground with the help of magic to the spot where the lost thing is kept.

Mayong is becoming a popular tourist destination as a result of its mysterious past and black magic. If you’re a curious tourist, adventure seeker, history buff, or simply fascinated by black magic, Mayong is a must-visit.

The Mayong Central Museum and Emporium houses publications on ancient Ayurveda and black magic, and local artifacts and archaeological remnants. Even better, you can speak with the locals and pick their brains for stories or magical feats. The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, located near Mayong, is home to the world’s largest population of one-horned rhinos. This location hosts the Mayong Pobitora Festival every November, where you may experience an incredible blend of magic and animals.

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