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September 24th, 2022

Top 5 Adventure Sports in Northeast India

Sports in Northeast India – If you are a thrill seeker, then you might have your bucket list of adventurous sports that give you goosebumps every time you think about them. You love the adrenaline rush and beating of your heart. You strive for adventure everywhere you go and take the off-beaten road to discover the unexplored through the untrodden path.

If you wish to appreciate natural beauty, head to the scenic states in Northeast India, which have top adventure activities for tourists. Hilly terrain, valleys, and plain along with splendor natural beauty make Northeast India one of the most sought regions for thrill seekers. This is for every thrill lover.  Here are the top 5 adventure sports in Northeast India.  So, pack your bag and let your adventure begin:

1) Trekking:

credit : Pixabay

Sports in Northeast India – If you love hiking your way out to the unknown or if the steep mountains does not bother you, then trekking is the right choice for you. Northeast India is much more than what one sees or hears about. Thus, trekking in this region will not only let you uncover the wholesome beauty but will also engage you in a thrilling experience.

Best trekking trail in Northeast India :

  • Goechala trek in Sikkim
  • Nongriat trek in Meghalaya
  • Dzongri trek in Sikkim
  • Bailey trek in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Dzukou valley trek in Nagaland

2) Paragliding:

credit : Pixabay

Imagine getting a bird’s eye view as you fly above the pristine natural landscape that spreads up to miles. You can have flying experience with paragliding. It is a sport that let you free fly above the ground as you capture the breathtaking view. If you are ready to keep your acrophobia at bay, then go for this sport and let the adrenaline rush. Northeast India is a naturally beautiful place that is worth exploring from above the ground. Uncover the scenery from the height that will surely take your breath away.

Best spot to experience Paragliding in Northeast India:

  • Shillong in Meghalaya
  • Gangtok in Sikkim
  • Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh

3) Water Rafting:

 Sports in Northeast India
credit : Pixabay

Widely popular in Northeast India, water rafting is one of the favorite sports of every water sports lover. This adventurous activity must be on your list if you love the chill while enjoying the mesmerizing sight through the ground. Raft through the water and create an experience that stays long. Channel your adrenaline along the lush green surroundings and gushing water with water rafting.

Best place for water rafting in India :

  • Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Tuting, Brahmaputra river in Assam
  • Teesta in Sikkim

4) Zip lining:

 Sports in Northeast India
credit : Pixabay

One of the extreme sports that makes your heartbeat faster – is zip lining. It is an adventurous activity where you are tied to a pulley that is attached to a cable. It lets you move across magnificent overhead views for you to enjoy the enchanting natural beauty. If you love the kick of adrenaline along with the visual treat, then you should go for zip lining. Northeast India has some famous zip lining sites. With heart-flattering beauty, astonishing topography, clear water streams, and rivers, there is no way you can ignore zip lining in northeast India as a thrill lover.

Best spot for Zip linning in Northeast India :

  • Mawkdok in Meghalaya
  • Dawki in Meghalaya
  • Guwahati in Assam

5) Outdoor Camping:

 Sports in Northeast India
credit : Pixabay

Not a fan of the adrenaline rush! But if you still want to explore the unknown and soak in the beauty, then outdoor Camping is the perfect activity for you. Be it camping with your friend, colleagues, or family, this unique way of exploring nature has so much to offer. Think about waking up to birds chirping and as you step out a cool breeze that touches your face. You look around to see the mountains, greenery all around you, and a gushing river that flows with rhythm. Outdoor Camping let you stay on the site for you to enjoy the moment. You can choose to camp on the grassland, valley or even riverbeds.

Best place for Outdoor camping:

  • Nameri Eco Camp
  • Kaziranga eco camp
  • Teesta in Sikkim
  • Cherrapunji in Meghalaya

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