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December 29th, 2022

Top 10 Places to Visit Near Kaziranga

Top 10 Places to Visit near Kaziranga – Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari are undoubtedly the most popular tourism activities for visitors to Kaziranga National Park. Apart from the Kaziranga National Park. there are numerous additional tourist attractions in and around the Kaziranga region that you can visit while on vacation. There are several nature getaways around Kaziranga to explore and enjoy, such as wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, waterfalls, tea estates, and so on.

10. Tea Garden

You will have a wonderful time visiting one of the few tea gardens in the Kaziranga region. The main draw for tourists visiting Kaziranga is the Hathkhuli, Borchapori, and a few other Tea Gardens. These tea gardens are a source of pride for the state and add to its appeal. Assam has the largest area of tea plantations in the world and is well-known around the world for the distinctive flavour of its tea. While on a journey to Kaziranga National Park, visitors must stop at a few nearby tea gardens that are unquestionably not to be missed.

9. Orchid Biodiversity Park

Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park, which spans an area of around 6 acres in the village of Durgapur, is regarded as the biggest orchid park in India’s Northeastern region. The park has greatly increased the fame of Kaziranga. The Orchid Park boasts more than 500 different kinds of wild orchids, 132 different kinds of sour fruits and green vegetables, 46 different kinds of bamboo, 12 different kinds of cane, and many other kinds of flora, in addition to numerous local fish species.

8. Orang National Park

Places to Visit in Kaziranga

The smaller Kaziranga National Park, also known as Orang National Park or Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park, is situated around 100 kilometres away from Kaziranga National Park in the Assam state’s Darrang and Sonitpur districts. The park, which covers an area of around 79 sq km, is rich in wildlife, including one-horned rhinos, tigers, elephants, leopards, deer, sambar, and many others. Due to the abundance of both domestic and exotic migratory species, the park is renowned for bird viewing.

7. Kakochang Waterfall

Kakochang waterfall is another popular tourist attraction and picnic site near Kaziranga. The historical Numaligarh remnants can also be seen from here. The waterfall is around 13 kilometres from Bokakhat, a town in Assam’s Jorhat Region. Nearby attractions include the Numaligarh ruins, the Deoparbat or Deopahar ruins, and tea, coffee, and rubber farm landscapes. It is also known as Kakojan, and it is a truly magnificent waterfall that is set among maiden and untouched nature’s gift. The waterfall base is around 12 to 14 kilometres from Bokakhat, and a trek of approximately 04 kilometres will take you there.

6. Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

Places to Visit in Kaziranga

A Must visit place, Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Jorhat district of Assam.
Hoollongapar Sanctuary houses India’s only ape family- The Hoolock Gibbons and it is the only sanctuary named in India after the Gibbons.
The sanctuary is the home to seven out of fifteen types of apes – western hoolock gibbon, Bengal slow loris, stump-tailed macaque, northern pig-tailed macaque, eastern Assamese macaque, rhesus macaque, and capped langur.
There are also a large number of bird species and several types of snakes in the forest.

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5. Manas National Park

Places to Visit in Kaziranga

Another important place of interest for wildlife lovers is the Manas National Park, UNESCO declared World Heritage Site, a Project Tiger Reserve, an Elephant Reserve and most importantly a Biosphere Reserve. It borders the Royal National Park of Bhutan. The Hispid Hare, Golden Langur, Assam Roofed Turtle, and Pygmy Hog are few of the unique and endangered native animals in the area.
It also has a large population of wild water buffalo.

With thousands of visitors per year, Manas National Park has recently captured nature lovers’ interest and cemented its place on the world tourist map.

4. Panbari Reserve Forest

The Panbari Reserve Forest is a part of the Golaghat district and is adjacent to Kaziranga National Park. Numerous unique birds, like the Crested Goshawk and the Great Indian Hornbill, can be spotted at the Panbari Reserve Forest. Within the forest, there are a number of unexplored locations that visitors can access with the aid of forest rangers and guides. It is necessary to hire a tour guide from the Kohara base. To get there, it will take you about two hours.

3. Radha Pukhuri

Places to Visit in Kaziranga

While visiting Kaziranga National Park, travellers can explore a number of interesting sights in Narayanapur. The Radha Pukhuri in the Sawkuchi village is one of them. The Assam Government’s Fisheries Department currently uses the tank for free breeding and cultivation. Though the precise year is unknown, Radha Pukhuri is thought to have been constructed between 1400 and 1500 AD. King Lakhminarayan erected the Radha Pukhuri and gave it his wife Radha’s name. However, other historians disagree, claiming that Queen Sarbeswari built the tank.

2. Karbi Anglong

Places to Visit in Kaziranga

One of the numerous well-liked tourist destinations close to Kaziranga National Park is Karbi Anglong. The tiny community is surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, and lovely green trees. Travellers can also take pleasure in taking part in outdoor adventure sports including hiking, camping, and trekking. Karbi offers a unique chance to discover the tribal way of life, food, and culture.

1. Deoparbat Ruins

Places to Visit in Kaziranga

Places to Visit in Kaziranga – Ruins of Deoparbat, Kaziranga Deoparbat Ruins is located in Golaghat District. It’s 5 kilometres from Numaligarh and is adjacent to the Kaziranga National Park. The Deoparbat Ruins, also known as the Deopahar (two hills), are noteworthy for the archaeological ruins on top of a hill. At the top of the hills, there lies an ancient temple with broken statues strewn about. These damaged statues provide information about the temple’s age. Climbing Deopahar is hard, especially on a hot day. The view from the summit, though, is breathtaking. Tourists can also see the Numaligarh tea estate and the surrounding Kabi Anglong hills from the peak. Numaligarh is best known for the Numaligarh Oil Refinery.

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