Let us take you on a journey to the land of verdant forest, gorging valley and rich culture of North East India. Take a glimpse of the land which has been renowned for its unweavring beauty.


Meghalaya, also known as the Abode of clouds, is a North Eastern State of India. Famous for Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram, the wettest places in the world, Meghalaya has wooed many travelers with is mesmerizing beauty. Blessed with verdant vegetation, Meghalaya houses more than 325 varieties of orchid.

Sprawled along the Brahmaputra River, Meghalaya is known for being one of most beautiful states in India. Endowed with mind boggling natural beauty there are still many places in Meghalaya which is yet to be traversed by men. Meghalaya is one of the places in the world where travelers can take a walk on the living-root bridges......

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Alluring Assam, the Home of the Son of Lord Brahma or Brahmaputra is a land full of myths, mysteries, lore and legends. The sentinel of North east India is joined to the mainland by a narrow strip of land and remained isolated from the mainstream of Indian history for centuries. The advent of the Ahoms across the Eastern hills in 1228 AD was the turning point in Assam's history. Ahoms ruled Assam from their capital of Charaideo near present-day Sibsagar and successfully repulsed invasions by the Mughals and the Bengal Sultans with the waning of Ahom power, the Burmese overran the entire territory, but ceded Assam to the British in 1826. In 1874, a separate province of Assam was created with Shillong as its capital.......

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Arunachal Pradesh

Amazing Arunachal, the 'Land of the Dawn-lit-Mountains is glorious perched at the top of North-Eastern India, crowning the other sister like a protective helmet. This largest and remotest North-eastern State is first area to greet the golden sun rays into our country It shares a long international border with China in the North and the North-east, while to West is Bhutan and to its East is Myanmar Towards the Southern ends of the States of Assam and Nagaland. There are over twenty six major tribe and a number of sub-tribes flourishing in the State with their distinct identities, culture and customs. In fact, the people of Arunachal are the greatest attraction of this beautiful land.......

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Magnificent Manipur, literally meaning a "jewelled land is studded with Lush hills, emerald green valleys, turquoise lakes, cascading rapids and deep dark woods. Its amazing beauty has won admiration from every visitor Lord Irwin described it as the 'Switzerland of India', while Mrs. St. Clair Grimwood called it as "a pretty place more beautiful than many show places of the world", but, the most fitting tribute was paid by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who called it as the "Jewel of India".......

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Misty Mizoram, also known as the land of the 'Blue Mountain' or the "Hill People's Land' is virtually under the cover of magnificent mountains and deep gorges. There are over 21 major hill ranges or peaks at variable heights, sprawling across the State with 'Phawngpui' (Blue Mountain) at a height of 2,065 metres above the sea level, being the highest peak of the State. In fact, 'Mizo', is a combination of the words 'Mi' or man and 'Zo' or hell or high altitude, meaning the land of the highlander, a collective name given to the inhabitants of this land, by its neighbours........

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Nagaland, the heavenly land tucked away in the corner of India's North-East is predominantly inhabited by the brave warrior Naga tribes belonging to Indo-Mongoloid stock. There are about 32 such tribes, 16 major and numerous sub-tribes. The main tribes include, the Angamis, the Semas, Konyaks, Aos and the Rengmas, each of them having their own distinct culture, lifestyle and effective system of self-governance since time immemorial. During the 19th century, the region came under the British administration. After Independence it was made a centrally administered area in 1957, administered by the Governor of Assam and was named as the Naga Hills Tuensang Area........

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Sikkim, a brother of seven sisters is the smallest yet one of the most beautiful states of India. Sikkim has been given many names. The Lepchas, original inhabitants of the land called it Nye-mae-el `paradise'. The Limbus named it Su Khim or `new house' while to the Bhutias it was Beymul Demazong `the hidden valley of rice'. The panoramic perfection of the snow-capped Himalayas, the heady scent of flower-bedecked meadows, the vibrant culture and joyous festivals, the infinite variety of its flora and fauna makes it a holiday that is at once fascinating and challenging........

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Tranquil Tripura, tucked away in the extreme Southwest corner of the North Eastern States, between the river valleys of Myanmar and Bangladesh is one of the least known parts of the region. This ancient land of a mysterious past has a unique tribal culture and a fascinating folklore. The 'Rajmala' Chronicles of an ancient King Tripura, after which the region is said to be named as Tripura and writings of other Mohammedan historians reflects the glorious past of the land. According to 'Rajmala', the rulers were known by the surname of 'Fa' meaning father'. They defeated the Mohammedan Sultans of Bengal in several battles.......

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